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October 2015                                                                Sabio Communications


Huggies® gives tips for travelling with your baby


The holidays are almost here and this year you have a little addition to your family who you love more than life itself. You are planning on going away for the holidays to see friends and family and also to introduce them to your new baby, but when looking at your little bundle you are not too sure about how to make the trip as comfortable for baby as for you.

Huggies® has been making parents’ lives easier for years by making sure that little ones’ bottoms are cleaner and drier for longer.  The range of wipes are also convenient for use on baby’s bottom, face and hands.

Huggies® New Baby, is available with SoftAbsorb™ technology. The softest nappy from Huggies®, inside and out, offers a soft liner which absorbs runny poo and wetness in seconds. This helps to keep baby’s skin dry while gently cushioning baby with soft little pillows which creates a gentle barrier between baby’s skin and mess. This will keep your newborn baby’s skin gently protected and cared for, just like a mother’s hug. This will also give parents peace of mind when they are looking for an appropriate changing facility while travelling.


Travelling with your baby should be exciting and seen as family time. Planning ahead of time will allow you to be prepared for most situations.


If you are travelling in a car, don’t forget your car seat. Taking your pram with you may help if you would like to walk with your newborn during stops.


Take a blanket that’s right for the weather on the day. One of the wonderful benefits of breastfeeding is that your milk is always readily available.  If bottle-feeding, make sure you have a number of sterilised bottles to make-up a feed while you are out.  In your bag you will need Huggies® nappies, Huggies® wipes, breast pads if you are breast feeding, a changing mat, hand sanitiser and disposable bags for dirty nappies. (If your baby still has its umbilical cord, then don’t forget your cleaning regime.)  It is also a good idea to have an extra set of clothes for you and baby, a pacifier or some other comfort item, which can make a difference to both of your traveling experiences. It is also good to have a first aid kit in your car with basic items such as plasters, cotton wool and tweezers.


Don’t forget to bring along baby’s favourite rattle and soft toys to keep him/her busy whilst on the road. An assortment of hats and sunscreen to protect baby from the harsh sun’s rays especially if you’re going down to the coast. Baby’s skin is very delicate and soft and keeping it hydrated and healthy could help in preventing skin disease in the future.


If your baby is in a routine, try and map your travelling time accordingly. It is also suggested that you travel along main routes where you know there will be plenty of restrooms and restaurants along the way in case your little one needs an unforeseen nappy change or feed. It is easier if mom or dad sits in the back with baby to be able to assist baby at all times.


When travelling with your baby by airplane, it is advisable to feed your baby before the plane takes off as you will not only feed baby, but you will also alleviate the pressure on your baby’s ears.  Alternatively you can use your clean fingertip/pacifier for baby to suck on. Having a baby carrier or sling to walk baby up and down the isle/s is also recommended for when baby starts getting restless. 


The older your newborn gets the more awake they will be and in order to stimulate them accordingly you can have some soft toys and dangling toys with which to entertain them.

Enjoy travel time with your little one and even in unexpected situations your little one will be able to receive the most precious gift from you, a mother’s hug.


About Huggies®

Huggies® is known for providing a range of nappies for every stage of a baby’s life. From the very first moment up until the last time they wear a nappy. The range consists of Huggies® Preemies, Huggies® My First Nappy, Huggies® New Baby, Huggies® Gold for Boys and Girls, Huggies® Dry Comfort, Huggies® Nappy Pants for Boys and Girls and Huggies® Little Swimmers. They also offer a range of wipes - Huggies® Newborn, Huggies® Natural Care and Huggies® Simply Clean. Huggies® is part of Kimberly-Clark South Africa, a subsidiary of the US-based Kimberly-Clark Corporation which market innovative health and hygiene products that people come into contact with every day. Find us: Website - ; Facebook – HuggiesSA and Twitter @huggies_sa.


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