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Be supportive of your partner during the pregnancy.

Some women have a more difficult time than others, and

the fluctuation of hormones can bring on everything from

mood swings to what seems to be unreasonable

irritation with you, and everything else. While you may

not understand her moods, remember that they are

transient, and weather them in whatever way works best

for you both. She may be irritated, but would appreciate

a simple gesture like flowers, a foot rub, or even a cup of

tea without having to get up. You'll find your own paths

to peace, as the pregnancy progresses.

When the baby arrives, don't be upset if you don't fall in

love immediately. You're excited to be a father, but often

men think they are failing in some respect, when they

don't feel the same overwhelming bond that a mother

does. But you didn't carry another life inside you for nine

months. So one of the best tips for a first-time Dad, is to

give yourself time to love, and be loved back.

Because you have been basically on the "outside" of

things until the birth, you may not feel you're really an

integral part of their life. Nothing could be further from

the truth, because you are now a father, and with that

comes all the responsibilities and worries that a mother


Parenting isn't done alone, it's done together, with the

two of you supporting each other, giving each other

breaks from the routine and stresses, as well as taking

pleasure in watching your child grow and thrive,


Acts 28:11 - "And after three months we departed in a ship of Alexandria, which had wintered in the isle, whose sign was Castor and Pollux."

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