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City: Somerset West

Filaflooi : Children's clothing/Kinderklere reeks

Filaflooi has a range of long-and shortsleeve t-shirts with Afrikaans words and verses on in the colours of grey`pink`blue and stone.Age-group 1-6 years.Also girls dresses with crochet detail and a crochet handbag.Age group 1-5 yearsFilaflooi is kinders en filaflooi is Afrikaans!Die reeks bestaan uit lang-en kortmou t-hemde met Afrikaanse versies en troetelwoorde op in die kleure grys`blou`pienk en bruin. Ouderdom: 1-6 jaarOok dogtertjie rokkies met hekelwerk detail en \`n handsak ouderdom: 1-5 jaar

Baby Shusher SA

Baby Shusher is a company founded by real parents with a genuine passion for creating “sleep miracles” for babies. The Baby Shusher is a revolutionary new tool for parents using an ancient but doctor-tested and approved technique to help soothe your fussy baby and get some much-needed sleep (for both you and baby). It relaxes and calms babies, so that they are no longer upset and able to sleep naturally.  


At THE MOM & BABY HOUSE we buy` sell and rent (weekly` monthly & yearly) . We do both new products for eg. Chelino` Maxi-Cosi` Bebeconfort etc and upmarket used baby products from prams and car seats to

DRUMKiDZ Helderberg

Our Djembe Drumming sessions are high energy and maximum FUN for ALL AGES. Drum & sing along to our innovative stories` songs and exciting drumming games.Join our weekly WORKSHOP -every Thursday!!Church of Christ cnr of Irene & Lourensford rdFirst Session: 13:30 (30min. sessions)We are available for:Djembe Drum PartiesHoliday WorkshopsMusic Development Programme for SchoolsWe sell:Educational DRUM ALONG Products(CD\`s & Djembe Drums)Order directly from us: Kid Needs to be a DRUMKiDZ


"At Dr Dower's plastic surgery practice they believe in taking time to build a relationship, understand your goals and listen to your needs to create a balance using the most effective surgical techniques. He has travelled widely for years to learn techniques from the world's leading aesthetic surgeons as well as to understand their philosophy and extensive experience. What the Plastic Surgery Centre offers: Face Procedures• Facelift• Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)• Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)• Brow Lift• Chin Augmentation• Ear Surgery (Otoplasty)• Fat Grafting• Skin Cancer Breast Procedur ...

Buzy Bugz Creative Kids Parties

We provide a individual service and customize to for each clients\` needs. We provide from invitations` tables` chairs` covers` backdrop` partybox` cakes` cupcakes and craft activities.The craft activities are very popular during the cold rainy winter months. 3D cakes are made with attention to detail and each creation is unique.Let us take your stress away` so mommy can relax and enjoy their precious child\`s bithday party.

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Judges 2:19 - "And it came to pass, when the judge was dead, that they returned, and corrupted themselves more than their fathers, in following other gods to serve them, and to bow down unto them; they ceased not from their own doings, nor from their stubborn way."

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Clamber Club
Pitta Patta Leather Baby Shoes
Marvelous Maids
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