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Sandton Academy Preschool

Sandton Academy Preschool helps children maximise their potential in their vital early years. Intensive individual attention offered to maximise each individuals physical` emotional and social and cognitive development. Experienced and trained teachers. Reports Your child will receive three written progress reports during the year and a parent/teacher feedback session will be arranged every term. School outings and entertainment Once per term we organise an outing. These are educational and fun for the children. Parents will be notified of the nature and date of the outings and there will ...

Baby Inn

Baby Inn is a specialised Day-care facility of superior standards and experience founded in 2005. We cater for the specific needs of our mini clientele whose ages range from new born to four years as well as the traditional day-care facilities.Our focus and commitment is to ensure an effortless and hassle free experience for our career Moms and Dads who would prefer to have their children professionally cared for. Baby Inn is a small yet focused facility` providing professional services` namely Full time Day-care` Once off Day-care and Holiday care as well as a range of extra mural activities ...

Minnieland Is an exclusive registered creche and Pre-school. Our focus is on a warm and friendly environment giving exposure to all our children in all fields : education, social interaction and extra mural activities. Minnieland caters for the working parent` providing for all the needs of you and your child. We are open through out the year except public holidays. Minnieland closes on the first Thursday just before Christmas and reopens the first Tuesday after New Year. We cater for children between the age`s birth to six years and concentrate on all aspects of the child`s well being. Our ...

Emasini Daycare

Emasini is a Zwazi name that translates to "Where milk is". Emasini is a registered daycare centre that offers full-time, part-time and once-off daycare for children up to 5 years of age in a safe and clean environment, a warm` friendly and caring atmosphere.

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