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Development of the child checklist - birth to 7 years old Featured


You will be able to use this checklist, as a guideline, to determine if a child is functioning according to his/her age level and as a guideline for age-appropriate stimulation activities.

This book will be useful to:

  • Teachers
  • Parents
  • Therapists (OT’s, social workers, psychologists, etc.)
  • Students (studying occupational therapy / educational psychology / foundation phase teaching / pre-primary teaching, etc.)
  • Pre-schools
  • Primary schools (Foundation phase)
  • Special needs schools

Developmental checklist                            139  =  pages

Age appropriate stimulation activities          24   =   pages

The book is available in soft cover A5 size.

This is not a standardized test.

The book is published by RandomHouseStruik.

ISBN 978-062048198-4
R165 (excluding postage)

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Carla Grobler
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