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From as early as the twelfth week` Angeltalk allows you to hear and monitor your baby`s heartbeat and movements.Angeltalk uses the doppler effect at extremely low power.With this sophisticated technology you can listen to the unmistakable heartbeat of your baby` and record it and listen to it again even after birth.Angeltalk is safe and easy to use.Package Includes:1. AngelTalk Foetal Doppler2. Original Headset3. Recording Cable4. 9v battery and English user manualVisit to order yours today!

Angeltalk Sa

Listen to the sound of your baby`s heartbeat from as early as 12 weeks of pregnancy` using a Angeltalk Fetal doppler.Safe for baby convenient for momand dad and siblings will love the experience.

Carel Wildenboer Physiotherapy

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Cryo-Save South Africa

For well over a decade it has been possible to store a baby`s umbilical cord blood stem cells at birth for potential medical use. Parents worldwide are now choosing to store their baby`s umbilical cord stem cells. These cells have the potential to become almost any other cell in the body` making stem cell therapies the way of the future. When conventional medicine fails` stem cells stored at birth can be used to treat many often fatal diseases arising later in life. Since the onset of cord blood stem cell banking` hundreds of children with life-threatening conditions have been saved by treat ...

What do we do? We provide assessment` treatment and rehabilitation for a wide range of speech` language` listening and hearing problems. Services: Hearing tests Hearing aid fittings and adjustments Speech therapy Articulation therapy Language therapy Auditory processing therapy Stuttering therapy Voice therapy Mission: Serving the public with speech and hearing services` whilst striving to improve ourselves` our service and the lives of our clients. Values: Our business is run with Christian principals and values of integrity` honesty` patience and kindness.

Mother Instinct

Mother Instinct is a Pregnancy and Birth Resource Centre that caters for pregnant mothers` their birth partners and close support group. We have brought together a group of practitioners working independently but sharing our space at Mother Instinct so as to meet the needs of new and expecting parents by providing the wholistic \"woman-baby-family\"" care many expecting families long for during this very special time. If we don\`t have what you are looking for` we will assist you in connecting with the right provider for you.Our shop offers high quality products to support mom and baby through ...

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