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Cherubs Exclusive Baby and Toddler Day Care Centre Featured


Located in a quiet neighbourhood in Ferndale Randburg protected by a boomed off security area sits the child care solution you have been looking for. Driven by a fundamental belief that parents should not have to sacrifice anything when they choose care for their child, I developed a place where infants and toddlers can come during the day to be loved and nurtured in an environment that looks and feels like home. Rooms and play areas are well lit with natural light which creates a pleasant environment for little ones to spend their day.

I was a working Mom who wanted the best care for  my son. After visiting many places, I realised the only way I could ensure that my exacting standards were met was to open my own Day Care centre. I set about using my skills and qualifications gained and drew up plans for a Day Care centre that would exceed the expectations of even the most discerning parents.

Cherubs Exclusive baby and toddler Day Care is more than just a Day Care, it is a place where children have the opportunity to have fun and thrive

I  pride myself on offering:

  • A home away from home environment for children aged from 6 weeks to four years old
  • Fun and stimulating activities
  • Separate rooms for different age groups, each packed with toys, equipment and CCTV camera facilities
  • Secure outdoor play areas that offer hours of fun and new challenges
  • Flexible care packages to suit all parents
  • Caring staff who hold valid infant and child First Aid, CPR and Choking certification
  • Confidence in the excellent service we provide
  • Highest standards of security

I believe that happy, content children mean happy content parents.  I would love to show you around at any time so you can see exactly why I believe I can provide the best possible care for your child.

Safe and Secure

Safe, secure and happy in their surroundings, is what every parent wants for their child.

We aim to gain your child's confidence and trust through the highest standard of care possible. Staff are carefully selected and vetted for their suitability, attitude and experience.

On going training programs and a constant drive for improvement ensures that your child receives the highest standard of care possible.

Safety measures include CCTV Cameras which record all activities, and parents can log in remotely.

We are based in a boomed off area with minimal traffic.

To ensure your child's security only the nominated persons will  be able to collect your child.

Learning for Life

Learning for life is about developing your child's senses and learning through first hand experiences. Each and every day your child will be offered a structured and planned program of fun and exciting activities specifically aimed at nurturing the social, physical and emotional skills essential for their development. We will interact with your child and record their observation and thoughts during such activities. Such observations and thoughts will then be shared with you ensuring not only that we meet the needs of your child but also that we meet your expectations of childcare and support.  This will promote trust, openness and a positive partnership between us and yourself. Parents are also welcomed and encouraged to call at any time and observe their child engage in an activity.

Supporting Love and Care

All children need supporting love and care. This promotes confidence, trust and independence, all essential traits in the overall development of your child. Such interactions are also encouraged between children as well as between staff as this helps them develop self-esteem and positive relationships with those persons around them. To encourage this  I make time to get to know each and every child individually.  Drop off times and collection times are encouraged within the Day Care to encourage contact and communication between each other. This will also allow your child to feel more relaxed and help encourage a nurturing, gentle, warm and responsive relationship between your child and us.

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29 Speldekussing street, Ferndale, Randburg, 2194, ,
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