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Play is truly the work of childhood
Young children don’t distinguish ‘learning’  from ‘play’ - they are driven to learn, explore and discover, through play.  At Mothers and Miracles, we specialise in creating fun learning experiences, for babies and toddlers. Our weekly workshops offer an intimate and nurturing environment where mothers and their young children engage in a range of carefully designed, play-based activities that maximise learning potential.  Our small groups, led by carefully selected and trained facilitators who understand the development of young children, are designed to optimise the uniqueness and unlimited potential of each child.
Enhancing attachment and creating memories
Being spontaneous and having fun together can relieve stress and create positive memories for both you and your child. It's the special interplay between parent and child that makes everyday moments so meaningful. Enjoy this time with your child!
Creating fun learning experiences
Researched and developed by an early childhood educationalist, the  programme is carefully structured to ensure that all activities are age and developmentally appropriate.  Learning is encouraged through exploration, questioning, discovery, creativity and problem-solving – allowing the child to be actively involved in the learning process without any pressure or stress.
Moms need loving and nurturing too
We know that parenting is not a science, nor is it a one-size-fits-all formula.  Our weekly workshops foster an environment where we impart parenting knowledge that aims to empower Moms.  Like-minded women have the opportunity to share experiences, ideas and develop life-long friendships as they embark on the journey of parenthood.  
What to expect in our sessions
Food for Thought                      News and views that aims to empower the

Gift of the Gab                           Reading and language development

Wired for Thought                    Intellectual and cognitive activities

Toy Time                                    Free play with fun educational toys

Take Note                                  Music and movement (including rhythm and
                                                    sing- along)

Making Sense of my World     Sensory and tactile activities, including art

Step-by-Step                            Fine, gross motor and spatial awareness

Time-out                                   Tea time for Moms and outdoor play for their

Our holistic approach to our programme and the activities

Gift of the gab - language activities
Books, discussions, finger-plays, nursery rhymes and the like enhances your child’s receptive (understanding) and expressive (spoken) language abilities which is crucial during the early years and forms the basis for later literacy.

Wired for thought - cognitive development
A range of activities that enhance the development of mental processes such as thinking skills, memory and understanding as well as perception.

Step by step – motor development
Gross motor activities encourage the co-ordination and development of the big muscles of the body which include those of the neck, trunk, arms and legs.

A fine motor activity promotes the co-ordination of the small muscles of the fingers, arms, hands and feet and is interrelated with the development of vision to enable the child to reach, grasp and manipulate.

Sensing the world – sensory integration
Babies and toddlers expand their knowledge of the world from sensory information such as smelling, seeing, hearing, touching, tasting and moving through space.

Baby massage
At Mothers and Miracles we firmly believe in the holistic benefits of baby massage.  To this end, we developed a partnership with Margot Kilborn of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) of South Africa to train Mothers and Miracles franchisees to become certified IAIM instructors.   Currently the following studios are certified to run the IAIM course:

    Moreleta Park  (PTA) - Liana Janse van Rensburg
    Hartbeespoort (Northwest)  - Esthmi Rosser
    Windhoek (Namibia) - Madelane Hennop
    Roosevelt Park (Johannesburg) - Anitra Davel
    Roodekrans (Johannesburg) - Denise Diedericks

Take note – music
Experiences with music will develop appreciation of, participation in and responsiveness (exciting, stimulating or calming) to rhythmic sound.

Art start – creative exploration
Fun creative activities expose children to simple art materials and some basic art processes which are experimental and exploratory.

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