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Lees ... Lees ... Lees!!!
Lees is die fondasie van sukses in die skool ... en in die lewe! Wil jy jou kind help om sukses te behaal?

Ons lewer elke kwartaal (Januarie, Maart, September en Desember) vir jou twee van die beste kinderboeke op die mark by jou huis of kantoor af. Al wat jy moet doen is om dit voor te lees en tyd met jou kind te spandeer.

Studies toon dat kinders vir wie daar gedurende hul voorskoolse jare stories gelees word aansienlik beter voorbereid is vir skool en om te leer lees. Om die waarheid te sê die verskil tussen `n kind vir wie gelees is, en een wat nie met stories groot geword het nie, is byna twee jaar. Daardie agterstand bly kinders by en kan leesvlotheid vir jare beïnvloed.

Die vermoë om te lees en skryf is nodig voordat `n kind ander vakke kan bemeester of te kommunikeer wat hulle geleer het. Wat selfs meer belangrik is is dat jou kinders dit geniet om lees volgens navorsing van die Instituut van Onderwys in Engeland. Hulle navorsing het getoon dat kinders wat vir genot te lees aansienlik beter op skool vaar as hul eweknieë omdat hulle woordeskat en spelling vaardighede sowel as vaardighede in wiskunde soveel beter is.

Read ... Read ... Read !!!
Reading is the foundation of success in school ... and in life! Want to help your child to succeed?

Each quarter (January, March, September and December)` we deliver two of the best children`s books on the market to your home or office. All you need to do is read to read them aloud and spend time with your child.

Studies show that children who are read stories during their preschool years` are significantly better prepared for school and learning to read. In fact, the difference between a child who was read to and one who has not grown up with stories, is almost two years. That disadvantage remains with children and can affect reading fluency for years.

Before a child can master other subjects or to communicate what they have learned, they must be able to read and write. What is more important according to research from the Institute of Education in England, is that your children enjoy reading. Their research has shown that school-going children who read for enjoyment, perform significantly better than their peers because their vocabulary` spelling and mathematics skills are so much better.

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