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Kip McGrath Education Centres Featured


Kip McGrath Education Centres

The first Kip McGrath Education Centre opened its doors in Newcastle NSW 36 years ago. Founded by school teachers Kip and Dug McGrath, that first tutoring centre has grown since then into a global franchise network of 600 tutoring centres owned and operated by qualified and experienced teachers with a common motivation; a passion for teaching.

Offering tutoring to children from pre-school through to Year 12 in reading, spelling, comprehension, English and maths, our 66 tutoring centres in South Africa can be found in both metropolitan and regional locations.

While the primary focus is to improve or extend a child’s learning outcomes, the real value in attending a Kip McGrath Education Centre is the teachers that tutor at each centre. For our tutors, teaching is not a job it is a vocation.

Delivering a curriculum that is proven, each child is assessed and a programme is written for that child based on their individual needs.

Nothing inspires a Kip tutor more than a smile from a child who finally “gets it”! To watch a child suddenly start to enjoy learning and develop a confidence in their abilities naturally translates into better results at school.

So if you are looking for an experience that will improve your child’s confidence, encourage them to enjoy learning and help them improve or extend their literacy and numeracy, contact your local Kip McGrath Education Centre today.
Kip Tutoring Centres

At our Kip McGrath Education Centres we offer Face to Face tutoring to children from Pre-school through to Grade 12.

Our tutoring centres provide individual programmes based on the learning needs of your child. Our programmes are suitable for all students ranging from those who may be experiencing difficulties in their day to day school work, right through to students who would like to extend their learning and do better.

You can find your nearest centre by clicking here.

We offer tutoring programmes in:

    Reading and comprehension
    Writing and Spelling

Go to Programmes We Offer for a full overview and contact your nearest tutoring centre to see which programmes they offer.
At our centres we provide:

    A Free educational assessment
    An Individual learning programme
    A wide variety of resources and activities that cater to the individual learning styles of your child
    Computer assisted learning
    Experienced and qualified teachers using proven teaching methods
    Curriculum written by qualified teachers

About our lessons:

    80 minute tutoring sessions
    Small groups (4-6 students per teacher)
    Structured learning programme

Business Opportunities
Are you a Teacher who would like the challenge of owning your own business?

Kip McGrath Education Centres are owned and operated by qualified teachers with a passion for teaching and the desire to run a successful franchise business.

With a 36 year history and over 600 franchises globally, Kip McGrath Education Centres offer supplementary education to students in reading, writing, comprehension, maths and English.
About owning a Kip McGrath Education Centre

Each centre delivers a curriculum that facilitates individualized learning plans to meet each child’s specific needs. An initial FREE assessment is undertaken by each child and then a programme is designed to meet the needs of the child. Programmes can vary from remedial and special needs programmes through to extension and senior studies programmes.

As passionate educators, Kip McGrath tutors thrive on the challenge of teaching students across a range of age groups, learning abilities, learning needs and backgrounds. Each tutor only teaches a maximum of six students per session. A Kip McGrath tutor experiences first hand the satisfaction of helping a child reach their potential.


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Natasha Riese
031 903 5352
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