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Sugar & Spice Nanny Training offers childcare courses for nannies and childminders. Our primary focus is on empowering Domestic Workers working in family homes as nannies and house keepers with all the essential knowledge` practical skills and real confidence they need to take care of children and babies from birth upwards. NANNY COURSE DETAILS: We believe that domestic workers play a valuable role in the lives of our children. We teach them to understand how significant this role is - not only are they accountable for the physical wellbeing of the child but they are also responsible for its growth` development and emotional wellbeing. We believe in open channels of regular communication between nanny and employer` with the baby\`s interests being the number one priority for all. These are the two primary principles on which we base the nanny training course. We guide the nannies through a practical` interactive and fun learning process over the period of 4 weeks (3 hours` once a week) discussing and teaching the following: ROUTINES` TIME MANAGEMENT AND SAFETY The importance of a daily routine for baby` nanny and parents Planning the day and week to balance housework duties and child care Safety` identifying hazards and creating a childproof environment - inside and outside Stranger danger and personal safety FIRST AID Coping with Emergencies Essential First Aid` including cuts` burns` bruising` fever management etc. Mouth to mouth breathing and CPR NUTRITION` HYGIENE AND UNDERSTANDING HIV AND TB Understanding what a healthy diet is made up of (e.g. proteins` why we eat them where we get them from` how much a child needs etc) Weaning and introducing solids Allergenic foods to be aware of Menu planning Hygiene best practice for personal and baby hygiene In depth discussion about HIV and TB and preventing communicable diseases STIMULATION THROUGH MASSAGE` PLAY AND FUN The importance of play Developmental Milestones and supporting games and activities for babies and toddlers Understanding gross and fine motor stimulation Learning through reading and music Basic baby massage techniques.

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