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Cryo-Save South Africa


For well over a decade it has been possible to store a baby`s umbilical cord blood stem cells at birth for potential medical use. Parents worldwide are now choosing to store their baby`s umbilical cord stem cells. These cells have the potential to become almost any other cell in the body` making stem cell therapies the way of the future.

When conventional medicine fails` stem cells stored at birth can be used to treat many often fatal diseases arising later in life. Since the onset of cord blood stem cell banking` hundreds of children with life-threatening conditions have been saved by treatment with their own cells. If the cells are needed later in life` they are readily available and your child does not necessarily need to find a matching stem cell donor

Your baby`s cord blood stem cells remain a perfect match for your baby` and have a high probability of being a viable match for a sibling. It can also potentially be used by other family members in the treatment of over 70 diseases including a wide range of blood cancers` immune system deficiencies and blood disorders.

Parents are therefore storing umbilical cord stem cells to provide a stem cell source for treatment` if it is required. In addition` the tremendous potential of cord tissue (Mesenchymal) stem cells in the treatment of life-threatening diseases has created a desire to ensure that future generations benefit from these therapies.

Why umbilical cord stem cells are so valuable
Stem cells collected from your baby`s umbilical cord at birth are particularly valuable when compared to other sources of adult stem cells including bone marrow.

Umbilical Cord Stem Cells:

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