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Therific Naturals - Southern Suburbs & False Bay


Kiddy-Calm is specifically aimed at children.It works in just 20 minutes and is an all round Detoxer.Research has shown that children that are Autistic` ADD or ADHD are deficient in Sulphate.This means their bodies are unable to break down all the toxins stored in the body from artificial additives in food and these are what aggravate the hyperactivity and attention defecit.By increasing their Sulphate levels you help the body to eliminate the toxic build up and in doing so restore good balance.When the toxic levels are reduced the hyperactivity seems to be reduced` attention increases and children tend to sleep better.To add to the fun`Kiddy-Calm gives you an abundance of bubbles when added to hot running water.It comes in four funky colours and fragrances in a 1kg or 2.5kg tub.

Moms and Dads come an indulge in a Mai-Thaim Bath.Our Mai-Thaim range is available in four sensual fragrances in an attractive and reusable 1kg tin.

If bathing is not possible`then try our amazing Dermispa range available in Red Berry Blitz and Green Topiary.

All our products are also available in the Bubble Free Range and are beneficial for both kids and adults.

Why not join now as an agent and become part of the \`THERIFIC NATURALS\" team for the Southern Suburbs and False Bay areas."

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Shafeeka Dowman
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