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ZEAL Seriti Adventure Camp


Apart from the amazing surroundings and adventure activities that would increase environmental awareness and nurture personal responsibility` we will also concentrate on activities and games that would enhance positive living and personal growth.
It is important for young people to realise that if they want to achieve success and respect in life` they need to learn to love who they are. Self-esteem is a concept that needs much attention as it breeds confidence and ultimately belief in one\`s own ability. When children learn the techniques for being their own best friend` they feel empowered to succeed! Self love` confidence and motivation will be the corner stone for this exciting adventure camp.
Don`t miss out on this amazing adventure` kids will be learning whilst having lots of fun! Activities include obstacle course` crafts and arts` eco adventures` bush craft and skills` zeal kids master chef` talent show` pool games and tubes` soccer` rugby and netball` game viewing and much more. This camp will cover key ingredients for life such as Motivation` Optimism` Inspiration` Social skills` Self esteem` Confidence` Communication skills` Overcoming obstacles with Resilience` Leadership` Conflict resolution!

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