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Something extraordinary happens when you first look into the eyes of your sweet new baby. Like us, you probably realized early on that there is nothing you won’t do for him or her. Therefore, we would spend hours looking for quality children’s necessities that is stylish, personal, practical, reasonably priced and easy to care for.

What make Kids and all so unique and different from other kids online stores is that we bring a more personal  touch to you by our Personalized options on Room décor items like Wall art stickers that you can add your kids name by majority of the products with a huge variety of colours to choose from to fit the room décor colours, it’s the same with our Growth Charts to add that memorable day from birth to teenager. With our Boxed Artist Canvas you can upload those precise memorable images of Family fun times for amazing gifts or personalized that plain wall in your home that always bothered  you. We offer Full colour, Black and white or Sepia with options on the edge colour wrapping like black, white or colour on all our Boxed Artist Canvas orders.

Today, while there are many more choices, often-times the whole shopping experience is frustrating.

We constantly seek out the best pieces offered by the best suppliers.

Our friendly information icons, easy layout and helpful descriptions will remind you of walking into a store where you were totally pampered and treated like someone special! We hope to become a convenient, user-friendly alternative for you to enjoy for years to come.

Please feel free to give us feedback, ideas, suggestions, and helpful hints. We want to be your favourite shopping experience for a lifetime, so we welcome your comments. Send your thoughts to

The biggest problem in SA is that we think only other people's kids get lost. Visit our Child Safety products on

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