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Acorn to Oak Montessori Pre-Primary

At Acorn to Oak Montessori we strive to develop the whole child` emotionally` intellectually` socially` physically and spiritually` to their full potential` in a safe secure and loving environment.Our fully prepared environment equips the child with the skills necessary for future learning and for LIFE as they discover the world and develop their mind by the work of their hands.We are devoted to helping your child develop their independence by building their self-confidence` self-esteem as well as respect` not only for themselves` but for others and their environment` both indoors and out.Cate ...


Every BabyGym session teaches a new technique to stimulate baby\`s senses` brain and muscles. BabyGym is ideal for the Mum going back to work as the foundation course is only 5 sessions and can be done with newborns


I specialise in children and teenagers who need help with:Effective Study MethodsPeer PressureRelationships with peers & parentsI also see parents who need help with:Effective parenting tipsCo - parenting for split families

Dr Sonja Scholtz(Mann)(B(log)M(log)AuD) has been a healthcare provider (Audiology/Speech) for more than 30 years` specialising in various hearing related disciplines.Your choice of audiologist is important` because you will have a long term relationship with this person. It is important that your hearing aids will be properly selected` properly fitted and properly used with proper follow up care.Our goals are quite straightforward:Better hearing comfort` higher levels of hearing quality and a positive experience with your visit to our practices.Stay connected and regain your quality of life.Ha ...

Dr. Lisa Dickerson MTech Chiro (SA), ICSSD

Dr. Lisa Dickerson is a chiropractor practicing in Morningside, Johannesburg. She is passionate about paediatric health and has a special interest in treating babies and children with conditions such as colic, reflux, cramping and sleep disturbances. Dr. Dickerson also treats expectant mothers with any musculoskeletal conditions relating to pregnancy. Chiropractic treatment during pregnancy can lead to a quicker and easier birth.

Herbalife Independent Member & Distributor

Herbalife will help you eat right, Keep Active and Stay healthy!! (",) Lose weight while still eating your favorite food. Imagine yourself free from cravings and endless dieting.... Full of health & energy ....... Dramatically improve your energy levels... No more fad diets. A personalised program to suit your needs. We offer long term success. There is no special food, just safe, natural weight loss products designed to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are looking for help with gaining health or losing weight, improving your sports performance, a specific problem or j ...

Milk Matters - breastmilk bank in Cape Town

Milk Matters is a Cape Town based charity organisation that collects donated breastmilk to supply to premature babies deprived of their own mothers\` milk. For these babies` the donor milk not only gives them the best possible start in life` but can be literally life-saving. All donors are screened and donated milk is tested and pasteurised` ensuring it is safe for the recipient babies. Just 50ml of breastmilk can feed a baby of under 1kg for 24 hours. Do you have excess breastmilk to donate? Demand for donor milk far exceeds supplies` even when limiting recipients to babies under 1.5kg! N ...

Online Child Assessments

These on-line child screening tools were developed with the following in mind To assist parents and teacher to track a child’s development To recognize a child’s strengths To focus on these will build his/her self-esteem To recognize a child’s limitations The parents/teacher can then focus on this to facilitate improvement. If no improvement is seen it has to be considered to refer a child early on for an occupational therapy assessment.  The sooner a child with limitations starts seeing a therapist, the sooner a child will be able to reach his/her full potential The screening ...

puppets, puppetry, workshops

we supply puppets and puppet stages`custom puppets` check us on facebook` twitter` you tube` puppetry workshopsbusiness kits

Steph Dawson-Cosser has over thirty years of experience of working with children and families. Whatever issues you are being challenged by within your family structure. Steph can support you to navigate your way through learning practical parenting tools along the way.  By empowering you with knowledge and understanding of the different phases of parenting as your children grow, you will feel empowered to be the best parent you can be for your children. In addition she brings her personal experience of parenting her own four children (including twins)` single parenting for eight years and now ...

Luke 21:6 - "As for these things which ye behold, the days will come, in the which there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down."

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