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Incredible Dog Show Featured


We offer a world class show that is loved by all ages. The Incredible Dog Show feature`s Africa`s most amazing dogs in an energetic entertainment spectacular that will capture the hearts and minds of any audience.

We visit schools with an educational` fun` 'motivational` 'super-positive` INCREDIBLE dog show. We also entertain at other functions` events and birthday parties too. Not only for kids! :)
When you blend passion, energy, love and a good sense of humour with a variety of energetic and happy hounds into a show and then you throw in some powerful messages about responsible pet ownership, as well as some motivational principles that teach you how to champion your own life, then you get what we like to call, THE INCREDIBLE DOG SHOW.

This world class show features high caliber dogs that are super amazing, talented, happy, energetic, and adore performing for audiences. Our wonderful canine family have reached huge success beyond just their entertainment acts. The Incredible Dog Show features dogs that have been multiple National Champions, that have broken Guiness world records and which have excelled in a variety of disciplines.

The Incredible Dog Show is highly entertaining, very informative, educational, inspirational, and filled with energy, passion, laughter and fun. The most important thing however is that the show makes a positive difference to the lives of the humans that see the show and so too to their respective pets at home.

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Lloyd Bristow
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